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Thermoacoustic MHD electric generator

MagnetoHydroDynamicsStatic energy conversionThermoacoustics


The invention consists in an electric generator which statically converts heat into electricity without the need of solid moving parts or flowing fluids.

Technical features

The invention consists of an electric generator which converts heat into electricity without the need of solid moving parts or flowing fluids. Two phenomena occur in the generator: the first is thermoacoustic, when a vibration establishes into a duct filled of gas when it is forced to have a strong gradient of temperature along its axis. In this first stage the heat is converted into mechanical energy of vibration. The gas in the duct is previously ionized and the charges are separated by means an electrostatic field, so when they are involved in the vibration they give rise to an alternate current. This current performs as the primary current of a transformer, so the electrical energy can be transmitted to the load without any contact with the gas of the generator. The main features are high power/volume and power/mass ratios, making the Space domain the most suitable one.

Possible Applications

  • Electrical generation in Space;
  • Safe energy conversion in Nuclear Plants;
  • Automotive;
  • Multi-Fuel thermoelectric cycles;
  • Electric generation from solar collectors;
  • Low temperature heat recovery;
  • Renewable energy harvesting;
  • Nuclear fusion power conversion.


  • High power/volume ratio;
  • High power/mass ratio;
  • Functioning not affected by body forces;
  • Large range of temperatures suitable;
  • Suitable for any kind of fuel;
  • Easily scalable from some mW to hundreds of kW;
  • Shape adaptable;
  • Endurance to aggressive environment.