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The invention concerns the construction of a thermal insulation panel for building application, entirely composed of agricultural waste material from the processing oranges. The by-product is largely available, deriving mainly from agricultural industrial process waste or it can be collected from automatic juice dispensers, in order to obtain a zero-miles material. Moreover, the material synthesised is completely biological and sustainable for the absence of chemical binders and industrial processes and treatments that use polluting chemicals.

Technical features

The material used is composed of the external part of the peel, called flavedo, the white internal part, called albedo and the residues of seeds and pulp derived from the pressing of the citrus fruit. The production process involves the pressing of the shredded material at the same time as an evaporation phase of the aqueous component of the material. This procedure allows to obtain a compacting of the panel without the need to use binders, glues and/or adhesives. The results show the achievement of a self-supporting rigid panel, completely natural with a density of 558 kg/m3, thermal conductivity of 0.066 W/mK and flexural strength of 1.61 N/mm. The commercial diffusion of the material can be guaranteed by the good thermal performance and by the excellent environmental qualities.

Possible Applications

  • In construction sector as a thermo-acoustic insulation panel;
  • To cover walls or ceilings;
  • In the furniture and design sector.


  • Use agricultural by-products;
  • Easy finding of the raw material;
  • Ease of production process;
  • Low cost of production;
  • Eco-sustainable material;
  • Good thermal and acoustic performance;
  • Recyclability.