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Adipose-derived stem cellsFat graftgraftStem cellsTissue regeneration


Several techniques have been developed to concentrate adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs). However, enzymatic processing and hardware may be expensive or prohibitive. The “stem graft” technique allows to obtain an ADSCs-rich injectable matrix by minimal manipulation of lipoaspirate.

Technical features

The technique allows to obtain a matrix rich in stem cells of adipose derived by mechanically treating the lipo-aspirated fat. The advantage of the proposed method, compared to the state of the art, is to obtain a low cost product with minimal manipulation through mechanical procedures; therefore, the use of special equipment or chemical agents is not required. Furthermore, the technique allows to obtain a product with a concentration of stem cells higher than the techniques with minimal manipulation already described in the literature and with respect to the nano graft of adipose tissue.

The procedure includes the following steps and is performed using two connected syringes:

  • Centrifugation process of a sample of adipose tissue;
  • Aspirate the oil and serum from the centrifuged sample;
  • Fragmentation of the sample;
  • Second centrifugation step;
  • Second step of oil and serum aspiration.

Possible Applications

  • Chronic Wounds, pathologic scars, skin atrophy, skin rejuvenation and skin whitening.


  • Autologous;
  • No need for enzymes;
  • Low cost, low risk, and easy procedure;
  • High cell concentration in small volumes;
  • Injectable by thin needles.