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FormworkPackableSelf-supporting flexible panel


The present invention relates to a flexible cell panel made with semi-rigid bars and covering layers in textiles, foldable as bellow, and methods of making such component. The panel is suitable to set up wall and roofing partitions in different fields (civil, humanitarian, furniture) and in both permanent and temporary ways. Cells can be filled with stabilizing or insulating material.

Technical features

The invention is aimed at large consumption in the humanitarian sector, and more precisely in the field of post-emergency housing reorganisation. The existing technical-scientific literature, in fact, demonstrates how humanitarian operators prefer to use local materials and procedural methods rather than making use of products imported from abroad and hardly accepted by the local populations. The present product, on the other hand, can be filled with any type of locally available material, making it compatible with traditional construction techniques.

Possible Applications

  • Civil;
  • Humanitarian;
  • Furniture;
  • Emergency.


  • Standalone panel;
  • Production through combination of already existing fabrication technologies;
  • Easy to transport.