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Techno-typological and digital system for modular hybrid architecture

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The idea is to re-conceptualise a residential building (which can also apply to individual-based residency, including assisted living, healthcare or other) in a sensorial and typological building system, integrated by means of a special computer platform for monitoring building performance, living behaviour, and for integrated management of user/building, manager/building, manager/user relations.

Technical features

This building structure solves the technical problem as it comprises modules 5 of building units which can be inserted and extracted into / from a bearing structure. The single construction units are replaceable, while the load-bearing structure is intended for a longer life. In particular, the systems include a first functional portion obtained inside the supporting structure, and at least a second functional portion for each construction unit, located in the construction unit itself. When a construction unit is inserted in the supporting structure, the respective second functional portion is connected to the first functional portion and the system is active. Thanks to the building structure according to the present invention it is possible to carry out modifications to the systems without invasive interventions and in less time. Furthermore, this building structure allows the entire building unit to be moved if a user wishes to move from one building to another.

Possible Applications

  • Construction industry.


  • Doubling of the life cycle compared to traditional buildings;
  • Continuous improvement of building performance;
  • Ability to replace components without invasive interventions that interrupt the services provided by the building;
  • Native integration between building system and digital platform extended to the entire life cycle and building management;