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Tannin capsules for controlled release of actives

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New micro and nanocapsules from tannins by sonication in oil in water emulsions as vectors for controlled active release in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and neutraceutic compositions or in agricultural products or in functionally active resins and coatings or for personal care products.

Technical features

New tannins micro and nano capsules for slow release of actives prepared by ultrasonication of oil in water emulsions without cross-linking agents. Tannins are natural substances with significant antioxidant, antibacterial and antiinflammatory activities. Tannin capsules can protect active principles from oxidative degradation and photochemical degradation. Furthermore they can display synergistic effects with the encapsulated actives. The novel capsules were shown to be non-genotoxic. The use of tannins and metals in the synthesis of capsules allows the synthesis of capsules with bactericide activity and advanced options for targeted delivery.

Possible Applications

  • Cosmetic or nutraceutic preparations with synergistic activity and controlled active release;
  • Agricultural application: delivery of phytoactive substances;
  • Additives in functionally active resins and coatings;
  • Medical devices with antibacterial and antioxidant activity;
  • Functional components in personal care products.


  • Synthesis of capsules without cross-linking agents;
  • Fast and easy scale up;
  • No genotoxicity, no cytotoxicity;
  • Synergistic effects with the entrapped actives;
  • The active release can be tuned by controlling the medium and the pH.