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Tactivity: tactile game for the blind

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Tactivity is a board game that seeks to increase tactile ability by improving users’ exploratory procedures. Tactivity is based on the aggregation of a series of blocks of different shapes and textures on a grid, positioned vertically with respect to its support surface, equipped with sixteen housings. The development of tactile ability passes through the exploration of the individual tiles.

Technical features

The aim of Tactivity is to combine multiple tiles of different shapes and textures on a vertical grid made up of 16 slots. The development of tactile skills is achieved through the exploration of the different tiles. The two players have one tile each for each turn and the aim of the game is to line up similar tiles for at least one category on the grid. There are two categories: Texture and Shape. The game tile consists of two tiles. A single tile can accommodate a certain type of Shape or a certain Texture or even a Shape and a Texture together. The two faces of the same tile do not have to be the same. By aligning three blocks of similar type on the grid, the object itself will communicate to the player, through sound feedback, the point earned. The winner is whoever accumulates the most points before the grid is completely filled.

Possible Applications

  • Domestic environments;
  • Specialised centers.


  • Different levels of difficulty to challenge the user;
  • Equipped with an electronic system for recognising the inserted pieces and is capable of giving a different sound feedback depending on the player who made the point.