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T4cells – Photoinduced method for cell differentiation

Bone tissue regenerationCell differentiationCell growthPetri dishPhotothermal effect


The invention consists in a Petri dish for cell growth endowed with a photothermal region of variable shape and size that, when irardiated with a suitable source, produces a localized and controlled heat (from 37° to 41-42°C) which induces a differentiation in neuronal cells without the addition of chemical agents.

Technical features

The invention consists in a Petri dish for cell growth endowed with an active central region that allows to thermally stimulate cells in order to accelerate their differentiation. The active region is made by photothermal nanoparticles dispersed in a polymeric matrix of arbitrary shape. The nanoparticles absorbs light from a suitable source and convert the energy Into heat, thereby heating the overhanging cells in a controlled way (some degrees). The shape and the seize of the active region  can be customized upon request. The exciting source can be provided upon request with a sample-holder and focalizing optics. The current stage of the invention is equal to TRL 3.

Possible Applications

  • Neuronal cell differentiation;
  • Primary neuronal cells differentiation;
  • Differrentiation/growth of fibroblasts;
  • Tissue regeneration.


  • Cell differentiation with no chemical agents addition;
  • Controlled and localized heating;
  • Low-cost petri dish economica (lab consumable material);
  • Optical transparency of the Petri dish;
  • Low-cost source.