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T-RESAP (Tendon REpair Surgical APplicator)

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The T-REM3DIE system includes the implementation of a specific innovative surgical application system, named T-RESAP. The combination of the applicator device and the implantable device has been designed to overcome all the limitations of current solutions, with the aim of providing a robust solution, guaranteeing active and passive movement in the early postoperative period and a fast and easy application in the surgical room.

Technical features

The T-RESAP (Tendon REpair Surgical APplicator) solution is an innovative tool designed to be used together with the T-REM3DIE implantable device. The T-RESAP is a non-implantable instrument useful for guiding the perforation and insertion of the T-REM3DIE device into the target tissue, facilitating the automatic positioning of the entire system. The applicator includes an interchangeable housing system for the two complementary plates of the device. In particular, the applicator is designed to be removable after placing the T-REM3DIE implantable device. In addition, the applicator is associated with a system for the approaching and positioning of the abutments of the tendon tissue stumps.

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Possible Applications

  • Complementary to the T-REM3DIE system for large and small tendons.


  • Faster surgery;
  • Automatic positioning of the T-REM3DIE device;
  • Minimization of tissue manipulation;
  • Reduction of inter-operator variability (i.e. less dependent on human skills and less subject to human errors).