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T-REM3DIE (Tendon REpair MEdical DevIcE)

bioabsorbablebioassorbibileBiocompatibileBiomedicabiomedicalDispositivo impiantabileDispositivo medicaleImplantable deviceMedical deviceRiparazione tendineaTendon repair


T-REM3DIE (Tendon REpair MEdical DevIcE) is an innovative system for tendon repair, biocompatible, biodegradable, easily implantable, minimally invasive and capable of transforming tendon tissue injuries from permanent disability to temporary discomfort, ensuring positive patient follow-ups.

Technical features

The T-REM3DIE system allows the correct restoration of the tendon tissue, ensuring a complete recovery of the patient’s range of motion. The geometry of the system facilitates its insertion, guaranteeing savings for the healthcare system in terms of costs and time. The device allows to keep the tendon stumps at a useful distance during its regeneration. Its innovative system favors a complete recovery of mobility and allows to immediately carry physiological loads. The patient can thus follow a rehabilitation protocol from the early post-surgery period. Its biocompatible and bioabsorbable material ensures both the necessary resistance during the tissue regeneration phase and the subsequent biodegradation of the material within  predefined times, in accordance with the rehabilitation process.

Related Patent: T-RESAP (Tendon Repair Surgical Applicator)

Possible Applications

  • Repair of large and small tendons.


  • Sutureless and knotless;
  • Minimally invasive application;
  • Biocompatible and biodegradable;
  • Reduction of operating times;
  • It allows rehabilitation from the early post-operative stages;
  • Reduction of healing times;
  • Guarantees mechanical resistance to physiological loads applied during the rehabilitation.