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Ribonucleic acid sequencing system that aims to treat solid and blood tumors with ad hoc drugs.  The methodology is able to isolate T lymphocytes that play an important role in recognizing dangerous and illness cells. This allows to identify rapidly the solid and blood tumors attacking the sick cells.

Technical features

Thanks to the sequencing of ribonucleic acid, it is possible to isolate the T lymphocytes which will then be used to attack an enzyme, that is inactive in healty cells and being functional in those mutated by tumors. Currently, there is a little knowledge of this enzyme in the human being. However, thanks to this methodology there is a better understanding of the enzyme and the isolation of the T lymphocyte that helps to counteract these enzymes. They allow to maintain the lengths of the last part of the chromosomes that become shorter each time that a cell splits; indeed during a DNA replication the ability to copy them is lost. On the contrary if the enzyme is active then the cell survive. Thanks to this important invention it will be possible to treat a number of tumors. Thanks to this new therapy it will be possible, through molecular manipulation, to reactivate the immune response of the system. The great advantages of this new methodology are: targeting treatments, recognition of diseased cells, optional premedication and low degree of toxicity.

Possible Applications

  • Oncological treament. This methodology is a valid alternative to the chemotherapy to fight against the solid and blood tumors.


  • Targeted therapy;
  • Low toxicity;
  • Effective for aggresive tumor;
  • Optional pretreatment;
  • Targeted to non healty cells;