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System for vehicle propulsion

Energy recoveryFlexible power-trainHybrid systems


The invention concerns a system to transform a conventional power train layout, constituted by an internal combustion engine and a gearbox, into a power train, with additional functionality. The additional functionality consists in the capability of recovering kinetic vehicle energy, in particular during deceleration and braking phases, and exchanging mechanical energy during normal running.

Technical features

The invention uses a planetary gear set with orthogonal axes interposed between the internal combustion engine and the gearbox that has a minimum impact on the current transmission architectures, for a faster transfer of technology at low cost and without strong changing of driving style. The provision of the planetary gear set between the engine and the transmission unit does not change either the transmission ratio, but causes the inversion of the direction of rotation. Therefore, the application of the invention to existing propulsion systems (both with manual transmission and with automatic transmission) only requires the inversion of the direction of rotation of the heat engine or of the transmission unit, at the design stage, as well as the modification of the layout of the system to allow to arrange the planetary gear set between the engine and the transmission unit.

Possible Applications

  • Automotive industry;
  • Heavy transport.


  • Hybrid propulsion without a total redesign of the combustion engine and / or the transmission;
  • Energy recovering during deceleration phases;
  • Energy recovering during the vehicle starting phases and for performing the synchronization of the gears of the transmission unit.