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System for treating a tumor based on radio sensitization

cancer stem cells;Ionizing Radiationmedulloblastomaoncologyultrashort pulsed electric fields


The patent provides an innovative approach to the treatment of tumor pathologies that allows to significantly reduce the side effects of treatments in the vein, acting selectively on cancer stem cells (CSC). The action of electrical impulses has been tested on cancer stem cells responsible to sustain tumors and their progression. Electric pulses radiosensitizing capacity enables the reduction of subsequent doses of ionizing radiation for a complete and selective eradication of CSCs.


Technical features

This patent relates to a system for treating tumor and a method for controlling this system. The system involves the combination of electrical pulses and the subsequent irradiation of the pathological tissue. The action of electrical pulses determines a selective radio-sensitization of CSC which are considered responsible of the tumor onset. CSCs are resistant to chemotherapy and radiotherapy for which the problem of serious cognitive deficits associated with high doses remains urgent. The combination of the electrical pulses and the subsequent application of reduced doses of ionizing radiation allows to obtain very effective results by limiting side effects.
The invention finds application in the bioengineering sector for the development of biomedical systems through the creation of generators, applicators and control devices in clinics.

Possible Applications

  • Biomedical industry;
  • Cancer therapy;
  • Control systems development.


  • CSC eradication;
  • Selective CSC treatment;
  • Reduction of high doses of ionizing radiation;
  • System modularity and integrated management;
  • The treatment system does not provide for the use of drugs;
  • Potentially applicable to all types of cancer