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The invention provides a system that allows thermoregulation combined with the accounting of energy consumption, by measuring the environmental temperature and the temperature of thermal liquids. A further object is to provide a system that allows to manage each radiating element of a heating and / or conditioning system and to aggregate the energy data produced, in order to be able to control the entire plant and obtain the consumption data of each radiating element.

Technical features

The system of thermoregulation and accounting of energy consumption borns from the idea of ​​creating an innovative system that installed on a radiator makes it capable of self-regulating and accounting for the heat produced by it. The system provides an “intelligent” management of the radiator, able to reduce energy waste in order to have the user an energy saving and therefore a contraction on the bill. the patent object is a hybrid direct metering system that can easily be installed on all existing heating systems (radiator) and allows also management and control via the internet. Monitoring is managed through an application for Android, IoS systems, or through an application that does not depend on the operating system of the device or the specific programming language.

Possible Applications

  • Energy industry;
  • Thermal plant engineering;
  • Heating and air conditioning systems.


  • The invention meets the requirements of Legislative Decree 102/2014;
  • It allows both the control and the accounting of the dissipated heat;
  • It allows the real calculation of the dissipated heat;
  • It can be installed and used on all types of liquid heating systems.