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System for soil monitoring

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The patented technology consists of a system for monitoring and forecasting the moisture profile of a portion of the soil. The prediction is obtained through a 2D or 3D grid of sensors and machine learning techniques.

Technical features

Controlling the soil moisture is a crucial factor in optimizing watering and crop performance and different types of watering systems may be adopted depending on the farming features and needs. Some of these approaches are typically used for carrying out spot researches to study soil moisture dynamics. In this context, there is the need to provide a cost effective, operative solution to monitor soils moisture whose reference application is watering optimization.

The patented technology consists of a 2D/3D grid of sensors for humidity detection and uses machine learning techniques for the prediction of the soil profile. This allows an high accuracy of the profile and it doesn’t require a physical modeling of the profile. Moreover, the profile forecast varies with changes in soil behaviour.

Possible Applications

  • Agriculture: precision irrigation;
  • Geology: monitoring of hydrogeological risk;
  • Construction: behaviour of building materials.


  • High accuracy of 2D and 3D profiles.