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System for planning and controlling maintenance in a building space

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The patented system – consisting of means for data collection and processing managed by one or more operators – allows to optimise maintenance services, by improving their quality according to the activities carried out in each building. The frequency of inspections and intervention, based on the location of each technical element and on data concerning its durability, reliability and maintainability, is re-evaluated according to priorities given by the actual use requirements.

Technical features

System for the planning and control of maintenance interventions for a real estate asset able to:

  • Determine and control a list of maintenance works to be performed, optimized taking into account the need to:
    1. Guarantee the correct functioning of the element to be maintained in relation to the use requirements determined by the ordinary activities established in the buildings;
    2. To aggregate the interventions concerning elements placed in a common spatial context;
    3. Limit the interference between the execution of the interventions and the performance of the activities established in the building;
  • Keep the status of the interventions updated and vary the execution list in terms of start / end times and availability / unavailability of spatial elements.

Possible Applications

  • Companies producing software and hardware for maintenance services;
  • Government and/or private organisations managing real estate assets.


  • Increase in the quality of maintenance services and in the level of user satisfaction;
  • Optimisation of time and resources used in maintenance with consequent reduction in management costs;
  • Maximising of availability and efficiency of building spaces.