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System for neonatal transport

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The object of the present invention lies in the method with which the incubators used in the neonatal transport system are placed. The main objective is to ensure better assistance and stabilization of the infant during transportation on emergency vehicles.

Technical features

In general, the majority of neonatal transport incubators currently in use are based on box incubators with secondary monitoring and therapeutic modules often connected roughly to an adult stretcher. This combination of equipment is unsafe in an environment where accidents occur or even in the event of sudden deceleration. The approach to the construction of incubators, although it can be considered as “standard”, is not always fully suitable for the delicate role for which this control is in charge. The purpose of the present invention is therefore to provide a neonatal transport system that can overcome the problems existing in the state of the art, allowing the variation of the orientation of the incubator concerning the direction of travel of the means of transport.

Possible Applications

  • First Aid – Transportation.


  • Reduction of the risk of trauma for the patient;
  • Adaptability to different rescue means;
  • Improvement of first aid operations.