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System for managing a 5g network

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In telecommunications networks, failures are frequent events and produce a degradation of the transmitted signal. The invention allows the 5G network connection to be restored, by reducing the transmission speed below the speed required by the service itself, or by modulating the amount of data transferred. The proposed invention can be applied to a wide range of network scenarios: 5G networks, metropolitan networks, cloud computing, network function virtualization (NFV).

Technical features

Increasingly complex and programmable networks, making it possible to remotely configure and restore. Meanwhile, 5G should penetrate the i.e. of transport. But Networks still do not fully support 5G, especially with regard to network reconfiguration following failures. The proposed system comprises a central controller which identifies the availability, or not, of network resources and nodal devices for the transmission, transit and reception of data; the controller after the verification is able to restore the data traffic or modify the transmission of the data splitting it into two sequential data packets. This variability and modulation allows data traffic to be kept active even in the presence of faults.

Possible Applications

  • 5G networks;
  • Metropolitan networks;
  • Cloud computing;
  • Network function virtualization;
  • Operators and service providers;
  • Network element providers.


  • Greater reliability of 5G thanks to the pre-configuration of the central controller. The pre-instructed nodal device reacts immediately, avoiding notification of the controller and waiting for a response. Reducing traffic at the controller level;
  • The two-step recovery / modulation process allows, in case of impossibility of restoration, to modify splitt and lighten the connection.