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System for inducing an extended hypometabolism

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The invention is a device combined with a composition, able to induce in human body a state of hypemetabolism, without the side effects of the therapeutic hypothermia.

Technical features

In medicine, the reduction of the metabolism is used on patients who need specific medical acute treatment: this therapeutic hypothermia is very helpful when some organs (brain, heart, …) are struggling in finding energy storage. Currently, therapeutic hypothermia is limited to a few degrees of body cooling (not below 34 °C), can be induced only for a few days, resulting with various side effects to the patient.

This invention includes a device and / or a combination of substances, able to induce and maintain a chronic state of metabolic reduction in people with consequent hypothermia. In this way, hypometabolism conditions can be artificially maintained for long times, without the negative physiological effects typical of therapeutic hypothermia. This state is known as “synthetic torpor“.

The system includes both a device and a composition of elements, capable of reproducing this state, which can be considered similar to the animal hibernation in mammals.


Possible Applications

  • In medicine, for organ harvesting and treatment of diseases such as acute radiation syndrome;
  • For the treatment of some diseases, such as status epilepticus or septic shock;
  • In anticancer radiotherapy;
  • In space explorations;
  • In quarantine or in isolation of patients exposed to contaminants of various kinds.


  • Increase in the duration of the state of metabolic reduction;
  • Reduction of the side effects.