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System for drugs management

Drug DispenserPill Dispenser


This invention consists of a new management system for drugs and pills to help people affected by pathologies requiring a daily therapy, for example suffering from hypertension or chronic diseases. The system consists of a fixed station which stores a batch of medicines and recharges the mobile unit assisting the person in the daily therapy.

Technical features

This invention consists of a system managing drugs in single-dose, such as pills, vials, sachets containing powders and drops, for patients needing a daily therapy. The fixed station can be programmed according to the user’s specific pharmacological therapy and carries out the task of sorting, distributing and/or storing the medicines in the portable dispenser in quantities suitable for the daily requirement. The fixed station also takes care of notifying the user when the drugs are running low. The portable unit has the task of notifying the user of the types and dosages of tablets to be taken at the correct times during the day, as well as ensuring optimal conservation of the medicines within separate, recognizable and easily accessible slots. TRL = 4.

Possible Applications

  • This equipment finds advantageous use in the health sector, both public and private;
  • This equipment can be employed in the private sector for managing medicines at the user’s home, for example at the home of an elderly person to prepare the daily therapy.


  • The fixed station can be occasionally refilled with medicines;
  • The fixed station can be placed in a “safe” place;
  • The fixed station can be connected to the mains power supply;
  • The mobile unit can be small, light and battery powered;
  • The mobile unit can be automatically filled with a few medicines every day.