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System for automatic emergency management

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The invention consists of an integrated system for the automatic management of emergency situations (e.g. terrorist attacks, natural disasters, daily crimes, accidents, etc.) which allows citizens and operators to collect and transmit as much information as possible immediately after the event, in order to provide benefits in terms of intervention promptness and effectiveness of the rescue teams.

Technical features

During an emergency situation, it is vital that the witness is able to collect and provide as much information as possible to the operators, whilst in contact with emergency services. Thanks to the evolution of enhanced broadband communication systems (e.g. 5G systems), communication services based on video, audio, and text signals, as well as terminals’ location are now available, and can be used to improve safety in public or industrial areas. The invention is based on an app for any mobile communication device assisted by a centralised server that manages communications and information relating to the event with the aim of efficiently managing emergency situations, increasing the synergy and cooperation between the actors involved, thus improving public security.

Possible Applications

  • Public safety of citizens;
  • Safety of production and construction sites.


  • Automatic management of critical information (audio, video, text, position);
  • Possibility of speeding up the rescue operation and adjusting the preparation level of the operators;
  • Increase of citizens’ safety;
  • Increase of safety in production/construction sites.