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System for automated measurement of surface cracks

Automated drone inspectionComputer visionCrack severity measurementInspectionsurface cracks


The present invention relates to a system for automated, non-contact detection and measurement of the presence and severity of surface lesions, for example cracks or fissures. The measurement system, through the acquisition of a single image, is capable of accurately detecting and measuring the geometric characteristics of the crack in the image. The system can be equipped with remote-guided systems, allowing multiple uses and scenarios.

Technical features

The invented system is able to detect surface cracks and measure their geometric characteristics (e.g. thickness and length) through the analysis of a single image by exploiting analytical computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms. The thickness is assessed perpendicular to the center-line of the crack. The system can be fitted to remotely-guided systems, such as drones and robots, so that it can be used for large-scale inspections and monitoring, in places that are difficult for the operator to reach or in high-risk locations. In addition, the system works completely autonomously, without the use of parameters or thresholds, so it can also be used by non-expert operators and equipped in mobile applications. The actual invenction TRL is 6 or more.

Possible Applications

  • Surface inspections
  • Structural inspection
  • Surface quality control
  • Defect detection


  • Measurement of geometric characteristics of cracks through single image acquisition.
  • Non-contact, fully automatic measurement of surface cracks.
  • Can be equipped with remote control systems (drones, robots).
  • Intuitive measuring system, also usable by non-expert operators