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Soil disinfection via microwaves

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Technology for the disinfection of agricultural soil with the use of microwaves or radio frequency. Microwave technology is potentially much more efficient and economical than steam technology used today; however, practical use of microwaves to date has been hampered by its severe intrinsic limitations. This technology overcomes these limitations through a completely innovative approach.

Technical features

The main problem associated with this physical means of disinfection is the difficulty in efficiently coupling electromagnetic energy to the soil, which has hitherto prevented the practical use of the radio frequency or microwave technology in this field. The problem is solved on the basis of this technology that radically changes the type of device to do this. In addition, the technology also allows a hybrid technology with today most popular disinfecting technology, with high specificity and efficiency. The system results in an agricultural machinery adaptable to many operational scenarios.

Possible Applications

  • Disinfection of agricultural soil from infesting/pathogenic agents.


  • Energy efficiency;
  • Goes beyond the intrinsic limitations of currently known microwave and radiofrequency technologies;
  • Possibility of energy co-generation.