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The device is a system applicable to any support which can be connected to body parts in symmetrical position with respect to the cardiac axis, in such a way to continuously and   automatically acquire  the vital parameters of a subject, even in the presence of movement without  oscillometric or tonometric inflating systems or facial masks for airflow.

Technical features

The system is based on the simultaneous multiacquisition of physiological signals from which other vital signals can be extracted; In particular, the simultaneous acquisition of electrocardiogram (ECG) and photopletismogram (PPG) are calculated in real time after each time interval of 5s (for example corresponding to five cardiac cycles, in case of a rate of 60 beats per minute).  That is, the following parametersare obtained: heart rate, respiratory rate, arterial oxygenation, blood pressure. An additional temperature sensor, based on thermocouples, is used in the body temperature assessment. All the vital parameters that are finally acquired are: heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, body temperature, blood oxygenation.

Possible Applications

  • Fitness and Wellness markets;
  • Market for high-level sport and amateur bicycles;
  • Care for seniors at home level;
  • Monitoring in rehabilitation centers for post-intervention therapy and/or post-traumatic recovery


  • The subject uses only hands in a time interval of 30s or 150s
  • The measurements are in real time (a new value of the parameters every 5s);
  • Simultaneous acquisition of the 5 parameters;
  • Measures feasible in walking or uphill climbs;
  • The accuracy of mathematical models improves with the use