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Synthetic aperture radar with transponder aboard of UAV

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The patented invention is a ground-based synthetic aperture radar (GBSAR) that makes use of drones (UAV) to realize the opening synthesis without weighing the aerial vehicles used.

Technical features

The patented radar is ground-based but it exploits the transponders mounted on one or more drones to realize the synthetic opening, so it does not require the movement of the structure on the ground. The main advantage of the solution is the use of very small UAVs with extremely reduced payload.

Possible Applications

  • Remote sensing;
  • Great Structures monitoring;
  • Natural events monitoring (i.e. landslides, volcanic eruptions etc.);
  • Monitoring of caves and open pits;
  • Subsoil investigation.


  • Small-dimensioned UAVs;
  • SAR radar usage in contexts with significant risk of loss of the drone.