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Synergic Anti-Neoplastic Pharmacotherapy

Amine derivativesAntitumor drugsEpidrugsFarmaci antitumoraliMaltol-derived compoundsSynergic pharmacology


The family of polyamine-bis-maltol compounds (PABM) exhibits anti-neoplastic activity in vitro and in vivo; the combination of PABMs with DNA-demethylating drugs produces a synergic activity against in vitro models of human hematopoietic neoplasia.

Technical features

The present invention concerns pharmaceutical compositions of poly-alkyl-bis-maltolic molecules in combination with DNA demethylating agents as anti-neoplastic drugs. In particular, for the preparation of a medicament for the treatment of neoplastic pathologies. Graphs illustrate an example of the synergic effect, when PABMs were combined with the DNA-demethylating agents (DAC), against an in vitro human model of leukemia (HL-60 cell line).

Possible Applications

  • Neoplastic pathologies treatment.


  • Alternative pharmacological tools for cancer treatment;
  • Efficient antiproliferative activity against hematopoietic tumor cells;
  • Reduced dosage of demethylating agents (AZA or DAC) to reach an effective biological activity;
  • Different mechanism of action respect to the standard antineoplastic approaches.