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SurgiFET, a biocompatible and bioresorbablepolymer membrane is a medical device for tendons and ligaments’ repair and regeneration used as an alternative to traditional sutures. SurgiFETis able to stick with tendons and ligaments without the need of sutures. This is possible thanks to a special superficial spine microstructure of SurgiFET.

Technical features

The device’s functionality is to keep damaged tendons and ligaments’ stumps together and to provide support and guidelines for an organized repair and regenrationof the tendon tissue. It is possible to reach this goal thanks to the innovative design of the membrane’s surface which results optimized for a safe and atraumatic crimping. The biocompabilityof the membrane is guaranteed thanks to the use of polymeric and bioresorbablebiomaterials which typesetting is well tollerateby the organism and reduce the inflammation. The mechanical support that the device offers is adequate to the biological tissue’s repair and regeneration. The structure of the membrane is optimazedto be able to tollerateweights and efforts as important as the ones tendons and ligaments are usually enduring.

Possible Applications

  • Orthopedic surgery;
  • Reconstructive plastic surgery;
  • Tendon surgery;
  • Ligament surgery;
  • Tendons / ligaments of body districts such as hand, elbow, foot, knee.


  • Fast and safe crimping;
  • Homogeneous tensions’ distribution;
  • Low trauma implant placement;
  • Low implant failure likelihood;
  • Limited generation of cicatricial adhesions between the tissues;
  • Maneuverable and easelyimplantable.