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surgical stapler with rotating elements system

Colon resection surgeryColorectal anastomosisDehiscenceSurgical instrumentsSurgical stapler


Surgical resection is the primary treatment for the most nonmetastatic cases of colorectal cancer. This surgical procedure takes time and is often very difficult. The invention relates to a new type of mechanical stapler with the aim of promoting the result and decreasing complications in colorectal surgical resection and anastomosis.

Technical features

The stapler described in the present invention can be used in the first phase of a surgical procedure, during resection. Existing methods close the intestinal tract with a series of stitches and often cause complications. Conversely, this stapler applies only two stitches, one distal and the other proximal, capable of closing the entire lumen, thus reducing the risk of dehiscence. The peculiar feature of the invention is that the compression of the intestine, necessary and preventive for the application of the sutures, is obtained by opposite rotation of two or more  elements. At the time of application, the intestine is found between these elements and is “captured” and made to slide towards the end of a special groove. This results in the “collection” of the intestine on a very small area; unlike the currently used linear staplers, which cause the crushing and the formation of a long border, known to be one of the predisposing causes for the dehiscence of the anastomotic site.

Possible Applications

  • Colorectum surgery;
  • Resection surgery.


  • Application of only two stitches to close the whole lumen;
  • Formation of a small suture edge;
  • Reduction of the risk of dehiscence.