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Surgical retractor device

Laparotomy Surgerysurgical deviceSurgical retractor


The invention is a device that can be used during surgical interventions performed with the laparotomic technique, which allows the surgical incision to be spread and homogeneously protected and at the same time to position and pull back the valves, allowing a precise and constant view of the seat of the intervention. The surgical device is characterized by being simple, versatile, extremely economical and space-saving, its advantage consists in a better efficiency in surgical operations compared to the state of the art.

Technical features

The surgical retractor device, which can be disposable or multipurpose, consists of a simple and functional structure: two rings connected by a flexible tubular-shaped protective membrane and multiple supports attached to them. The invention allows to move and keep retracted organs / anatomical structures that cover the surgery site with greater comfort and convenience than the state of the art. The valves can have different conformations depending on the specific application and this makes the invention applicable to different situations and different fields of both medical and veterinary surgery. The invention makes it possible to significantly improve visibility and usability during surgical operations with respect to devices currently used in the field.

Possible Applications

  • Abdominal surgery in the field of transplants;
  • Urological surgery;
  • Gynaecological surgery;
  • Orthopaedic surgery;
  • Plastic surgery;
  • Veterinary surgery.


  • Divarica in maniera omogenea proteggendo l’incisione chirurgica;
  • Visibilità costante e precisa sulla sede dell’intervento;
  • Semplicità di utilizzo;
  • Economico, versatile e poco ingombrante;
  • Applicabile in diversi campi chirurgici.