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Surgical forceps for tissue identification

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Surgical forceps equipped with electrical and optical interfaces for carrying out measurements of anatomical structures in the phases of surgery. The surgical forceps also makes it possible to differentiate normal tissue from neoplastic tissue, without the need to resort to extemporaneous histopathological examination, with considerable savings in operating times.

Technical features

The analysis of the electrical impedance associated with the bio-photonic analysis of the anatomical structures (nerves, arteries, veins, organs) allows to obtain, using the electro-optical probe, the automatic recognition of the same anatomical structures and therefore of differentiate one structure from another. On the two branches of the surgical forceps there are a light source, capable of emitting one or more radiations, and an optical receiver, connected to the recognition unit, configured to obtain an optical spectrum from the light radiation received and electrodes are also positioned in order to inject electric current and read the relative voltage produced, to evaluate the impedance associated with the tissue. Finally, the recognition unit, which includes a database in which the optical spectra and impedances of the anatomical tissues are stored, carries out the identification by comparison with the measured data. The type of tissue is also signaled to the surgeon in real time through light indicators.

Possible Applications

  • Measurements of biological and anatomical structures in the phases of surgery, both in the open or in robotic surgery
  • Distinction of a cancerous tissue from a healthy one


  • Ease of use
  • Recognition of anatomical structures during surgical interventions