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Surgical drainage for soft tissue abscesses

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Medical drainage device with drainage tubes in biocompatible and flexible material built with a self-locking closure system already available and a surgical instrument suitable for positioning the drainage itself.

Technical features

Self-locking medical drainage device in the shape of a tube, closable in a ring configuration, designed to be surgically positioned using a buttoned probe, which after identifying an abscess recess or a post-traumatic cavity. It can exit through a cutaneous opening in the most distal point of the cavity itself. The free end of the tube is joined to the probe and the drainage is positioned, with a backward movement of the probe, along the identified cavity. The free drainage terminal is cut to size and connected to the connection system on the other end to form a closed loop that cannot be accidentally removed. The drainage device has already been used by the inventor in the clinic, TRL 9.

Possible Applications

  • Management of recesses in the context of sacral, ischial, trochanteric, calcaneal decubitus injuries;
  • Phlegmons of Diabetic Foot and Charcot’s Foot;
  • Covered infections of the surgical wounds;
  • Infected or post-traumatic cavity requiring drainage.


  • Daily irrigation of the withdrawal;
  • Performing home irrigation by a professional home caregiver or an educated family member;
  • Minimally invasive solution that avoids surgical solutions.