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Surface resistive plate counter

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The Surface Resistive Plate Counter (SRPC) is a high time resolution gaseous detector realized with electrodes characterized by a tunable surface resistivity allowing operation in high radiation rate environment.

Technical features

The goal of the invention is the realization of resistive electrodes with adjustable surface resistivity allowing the development of Resistive Plate Counters (RPCs) for high radiation environments (radiation fluxes >10 kHz/cm2). In the standard RPC the electrode is characterized by the hardly tunable bulk resistivity while the innovative SRPC is based on very thin resistive electrodes characterized by surface resistivity.  Such an electrode, realized with industrial techniques of sputtering deposition of ultra-thin Diamond-Like-Carbon films on flexible or rigid supports, besides mechanical robustness and chemical resistance exhibits an easy modulated surface resistivity in the range 0,1 – 10 GΩ/sq. This feature together with the implementation of specific current evacuation schemes allows the construction of  simple, fast and rad-hard detectors for high radiation fluxes.

Possible Applications

  • High Energy Physics;
  • Calorimetry;
  • Medical Diagnostic (e.g. PET);
  • Homeland security (e.g. Portal monitoring system for port and aeroport).


  • Easy surface resistivity tuning;
  • High rate capability;
  • Fast timing;
  • Simple construction;
  • Cost effective technology.