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Support system for the evacuation of a user from a tunnel

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The system, using Beacon BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices, provides an indoor navigation service along the quays of a road or railway tunnel, which can be integrated with the technologies already in use, through the use of a common smartphone equipped with a specific application.

Technical features

The system has been developed to work both in ordinary and emergency conditions, in order to provide the user with reliable and dynamic information about the escape route. The system is based on Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons (or similar RF devices) installed on the tunnel walls at a height of approx. 3.5 meters and spaced 5-10 meters apart. Emitted radio signals allow a common smartphone (equipped with a specific application) to provide the user with their position in the tunnel. Based on a real-time control and programming system, interfaced with the tunnel sensors, it is possible to modify the data transmitted by each individual device in order to provide the user with advanced information, such as, for example, precise and dynamic indication related to the distance from the exits and the escape route to leave the tunnel in case of fire or emergency.

Possible Applications

  • User support by providing information on the position and distance from the exits;
  • Support to rescue teams;
  • Support for maintenance management;
  • Autonomous driving support;
  • Support for the control of robotic machines and devices called to operate within the road or railway infrastructure.


  • Functional independence of each individual radio device, even in the event of a breakdown or accident;
  • Basic functions guaranteed even in case of wiring loss;
  • High system scalability;
  • Low cost and reduced maintenance requirements.