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Support for indirect relief of the lower limbs

Ankle foot orthosisDuchenne muscular dystrophypersonalised biomedical orthotics


Adjustable device to immobilize the leg in the right position: to provide relief to the lower limbs whilst allowing the leg to be locked in the stretching position and with a correct spatial alignment with the rest of the body. This device also allows, at the same time, the most accurate measurement possible.

Technical features

Object of the invention is an innovative device useful for immobilizing the leg in a stretching position and with a correct spatial alignment with respect to the rest of the body. Such immobilization of the limb is functional for patients suffering from a progressive equinism of the foot in order to perform a laser scan of their limb, lasting a few minutes, in the best possible position they are able to reach, by applying a light, non-painful pressure. This scan can then be used as the basis for an AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) orthosis prescribed for them, the function of which is to immobilise the limb and apply a stretching exercise, usually at night. As this is an invention for patients aged between 2 and 20 years, it is adaptable to the height of the patient.  The current method of making the orthosis is by means of a plaster cast. This technique is rather invasive and has long acquisition times.

Possible Applications

  • Use in the medical and biomedical field.


  • Device for locking the foot in the best stretching position and with the best possible postural alignment with the rest of the body that the patient is able to achieve at that moment according to their clinical condition;
  • Alternative solution to the hospital clinical practice of plaster casts.