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Sulfonamides for treating the virus Herpes 8

Herpes 8Oncogenic virusesSulfonamides


The virus Herpes 8 is the agent of the Kaposi sarcoma (KS) and of other lymphoproliferative diseases. KS is treated as a malignant tumor but it cannot be cured since the virus binds to the cell DNA.
Some sulfonamides are able to clear the virus from the cell nucleus and may potentially cure the Herpes 8 diseases.

Technical features

The Kaposi sarcoma is a malignant angiosarcoma rare in normal people, but very frequent and also deadly in immunosuppressed patients (such as AIDS patients and transplant recipients). The Herpes 8 is the agent of the Kaposi sarcoma and other lymphoproliferative diseases. These infections are treated with a conventional chemotherapy that can control the diseases, but doesn’t cure them because the virus remains as an episome bound to the cell DNA.
The sulfonamides can detach the Herpes 8 DNA from the cell nucleus, so it can be cleared and inactivated. The invention described in this patent gives the possibility to use non toxic doses of the antibiotic sulfonamides for curing definitely the oncogenic diseases caused by the Herpes 8.

Possible Applications

  • Application on the biomedical sector;
  • Application on the hospital activity;
  • Treatment of Herpes 8 induced tumors;
  • Antiviral chemotherapeutics;
  • Antiviral compounds.


  • The sulfonamides can definitely clear the herpes 8 (HHV8) from the cell nucleus;
  • The sulfonamides can cure the Kaposi sarcoma and other proliferative diseases induced by HHV8;
  • The pharmacocynetics of the sulfonamides are well know and this facilitates their use in clinical trials.