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Structural coating technique

CoatingDampinginorganic polymervibration


The invention refers to a system for damping mechanical vibrations of structural components operating at high speed, employed in the automotive and engine sectors. The present invention also relates to the method for producing the inorganic polymer-based coating material, to coat a metal support, aiming to reduce the vibrations within the latter.

Technical features

An innovative material for the surface coating has been developed to increase the mechanical damping in operation and the energy dissipation of components of mechanical organs used in power transmission. The patent refers to a functionalized coating containing inorganic polymeric chains based on silicon, potassium or aluminum. The aim of the invention is to increase the life time of mechanical components, increase the performance of the systems using this component, reduce the costs of the overall system and improve human-machine interaction by reducing noise and vibrations in operating conditions. Starting from the proposed technique, a technology for the calculation of the optimal coating parameters and a technology for the coating production could potentially be developed.

Possible Applications

  • Mechanical industrial applications such as miniaturized hydraulic pumps and motors, with high silence and high efficiency;
  • Automotive sector, aerospace, industrial automation.


  • Better performance of the machine using the coated component;
  • Low manufacturing costs for coating technology;
  • Increased duration of the components;
  • Lower noise in operating conditions;
  • Energy saving.