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Stochastic approach for the study of large structures

Decay of bridgesDynamic experimental analysisDynamic experimental analyzes.Stochastic approach


Device for carrying out experimental dynamic analyses, based on a stochastic approach to the study of large structures, such as bridges, viaducts and the like, for the purpose of monitoring and assessing the state of decay.

Technical features

The method described in the present invention consists in soliciting the structure by means of a stochastic striker which operates according to a coded pseudo-random sequence m(t) and in measuring the response to the solicitation. The study of the correlation between the stimulating function and the measured response allows to obtain the function corresponding to the vibration modes of the structure under examination. The device accompanying the invention comprises the stochastic striker, accelerometers and strain gauges, suitable for measuring the response to the pseudo-random m(t) stress, means for controlling the stochastic striker and means for processing the detected data.

Possible Applications

  • Building;
  • Bridge testing.


  • Possibility to check that the vibration mode experimentally detected during the test is in compliance with that foreseen in the project;
  • The sensors used and their characteristics allow to obtain an optimal measurement of the vibration response;
  • The method and the device described allow to carry out experimental dynamic analysis with maximized information content at low costs.