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Stirling free-piston – linear – ON/OFF grid

Alternatore lineare elettricoDispositivo elettronico di potenzaInformatica Tsd EnOn off gridsmart gridsmart gridStirling free piston


Electronic device for controlling a free-piston Stirling engine that moves a linear alternator (FPSE-LG); this device does not require either position or frequency oscillation sensors of the mobile parts of the Stirling engine. This device acts the micro-cogeneration in residential applications. This device is 100% compatible with ICT systems and IoT devices.

Technical features

An electronic device that safetly starts, operates and controls a free-piston Stirling generator with a linear alternator, for both grid-connected and off-grid applications. The device integrates bidirectional electronic converters, a rechargeable battery and/or flywheel electric energy storage system, a centralized intelligence for a complete supervision and control, a distributed intelligence for a greater degree of robustness. The device allows the micro-cogeneration also in residential applications via the exploitation of renewable energy resources including biomass. The device supplies both the electric and thermal demand of a single home/bulding even when islanded or in presence of weak grids. The device allows an easy integration to cloud-based ICT systems and IoT devices, it is consistent with the specifications and the requirements of the integrated energy communities and the peer-to-peer energy exchange.

Possible Applications

  • It uses any thermal energy source (solar, biomass, etc);
  • In replacement/combination with genset;
  • It integrates with energy systems for cogeneration;
  • Usefule in the domestic residential area for micro-cogeneration;
  • Interface between distributed generators, storage systems and electricity grid.


  • Start-up, safe and continuous operation;
  • It allows to connect the FPSE-LG to any electrical grid;
  • It allows the OFF GRID operation of the FPSE-LG;
  • It does not require either position or piston oscillation sensors;
  • It protects the FPSE-LG against sudden changes in the electrical load.