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Production and implantation of Stem cells

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Nichoid structure is a support developed for 3D cultivation of cells. The cells cultivated on this system show greater vitality than other cultivation methods and retain this characteristic even after the detachment from the Nichoid, according to the patented procedure, obtaining cells that remain viable even after transplantation in vivo and that are therapeutic without showing tumorigenicity.

Technical features

“Nichoid” is a particular microscaffold structure, developed as an ideal substrate for the cultivation of stem cells. During the studies testing the cultivation of neural stem cells performed using the Nichoid structure, a new method of detachment of the cells from the 3D structure has been perfected, obtaining a higher number of viable adult stem cells (compared to cells grown in neurospheres). Furthermore, the method allows the cultivation of stem cells without the use of a Matrigel type substrate, making the cells thus obtained suitable for being used in in vivo transplantation, given that these cells remain viable and do not give rise to tumors. Moreover, the method of cultivation of stem cells in a Nichoid structure can also be used to induce pluripotency.

Possible Applications

  • Cell therapy using stem cells;
  • Production of stem cells at different stages of differentiation for research purposes;
  • In vitro tissue production.


  • Possibility to grow cells without biological substrate;
  • Induction of pluripotency from stem cells;
  • Obtaining of viable cells suitable for in vivo transplants.