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Steering controller for multi-link towing systems

Control systemSistema di controlloSistema di sterzoSteering system


The reverse control of a system consisting of a matrix and one or more trailers is a difficult activity for the operator, as the kinematic behavior of the system is inherently unstable. The operator’s task becomes all the more difficult as the number of joints increases: even with three joints, manual guidance without assistance is virtually impossible.


Technical features

The methodology proposed by the authors, compared to alternative solutions available on the market, is also applicable in “retrofit” to types of trailer (or multi-degree-of-freedom towed systems) not specifically designed for this purpose; in fact, being able to instrument the different trailers by means of dedicated sensors (integrated on the structure or temporarily positioned on it during the handling phases) capable of communicating with the tractor through wireless technology, and being able to calibrate the system controller thus configured by means of the appropriate calibration procedure, it is possible to couple the tractor to various trailer configurations (different in geometric dimensions, coupling kinematics, number and arrangement of fixed and mobile axles, etc.) whether they are new (ie designed ad hoc) or pre-existing. TRL: 4

Possible Applications

  • Automotive field;
  • Operating machines;
  • Production logistics;
  • Aerospace sector.


  • Speed of manoeuvring in tight spaces;
  • Greater manoeuvrability;
  • Suitable for systems with multiple joints;
  • Low invasiveness;
  • Retrofit applicability to existing vehicles.