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Stability of islanded microgrids

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The invention is a methodology for the evaluation of the stability of islanded microgrids in an efficient and fast way. Such methodology can be applied to the microgrids with droop-controlled sources and it does not need any numerical method or simulation with licensed sofwtare.

Technical features

The invention presents a easy and fast methodology which evaluates if, starting from a known initial working point, the final working point makes stable or unstable an islanded microgrid composed by many sources controlled through the droop laws of active and reactive power. The methodology is based on the knowledge of the grid electrical topology, the inverter parameters, the voltage and the phase measurements of each source in its initial working point. The methodology is based on some mathematical considerations and on some reasonable approximations related to the world of the power systems which allow to find an analytical form for the final expression. The invention differs from the existing techniques because it has a very fast computational time and it is possible to implement the procedure in whatever programmable logic controller (PLC) without using numerical solutors or other softwares.

Possible Applications

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC);
  • Energy management systems;
  • R&D sectors.


  • Low Computational effort;
  • Easy implementation in PLC;
  • Applicable to different sources;
  • Does not require licensed softwares;
  • Does not require numerical solutors;
  • Analyitcal formulas for the computation with respect to the traditional methods.