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Soundbubble is made for noisy factories to allow workers to hear only the sounds they want to. Combining sound source separation and noise cancelling technologies the users can hear only the sounds and the alarms coming from the machines they are working with, while being completely isolated from other surrounding noises. This delivers a new level of acoustic comfort and a tailored security.

Technical features

SoundBubble (SB) uses as input the sounds coming to the users ears through the headphone microphone. The software processes the sound waves in order to break down the input signals into different sub-signals  and match them with the library of signals of the client company. Once they are broken down, SB will exclude unwanted signals, reproducing into users ears only the desired signals. As a result, the users will be able to hear clearly and directly into their ears only noises and alarms they want to. Final users, that are factories workers, will be able to easily add, remove, select or deselect the set of authorized signals from an app depending on the different work situations and the machines they are working with, delivering a full and tailored security and a new acoustic comfort.

Possible Applications

  • Blue collar workers working in high noise pollution environments;
  • Anyone who needs to hear specific alarms or sounds in noisy environments;
  • Noise environments similar to factories in noise pollution levels, like airports and construction sites.


  • Improving and tailoring of factory security;
  • Reducing noise-related stress;
  • Increasing of workers focus and productivity.