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SOUNBE: method and tool for qualitative acoustic evaluation and descriptive materials

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SOUNBE is a methodology with associated instrumentation in support of those who deal with the theme of the sound design of the objects. It provides a common methodology for the description of the mechanical sounds, associated to an adjective and then stored in a database. Is then made possible a priori knowledge of the perception of sound that characterize the object, by improving the quality of the finished product (eg. Sound produced by a chair that slides on a floor).

Technical features

SOUNBE is a methodology with relative instrumentation that supports the designers in phase iperscelta of materials. It is composed of a kit, housed inside a case, which contains a support frame with different accessories which allow to play the sample of material subjected to stress. The accessory set includes the rods in various materials (polymers, wood, steel, glass, etc.), the supporting surface, a measuring cup for granular substances, a clamp for holding and waving in a repeatable way the sheet materials ( films, fabrics, etc.) and of the support bars. SOUNBE is designed as a support tool for designers, producers, industry, students and all those who deal with the theme of mechanical sound as a requirement of the project. With this method you can create a common vocabulary and adopt a shared method of sensory evaluation of materials, based on scientific criteria but still simple and understandable. Specifically, SOUNBE allows you to repeat the solicitation excluding the human variable.

Possible Applications

  • Food packaging;
  • Automotive luxury products, airplanes, trains;
  • Transport in general (from the baggage car door);
  • Construction and urban design.


  • Design the sound of a product;
  • Define the sound characteristics of the product already in the meta-project;
  • Focus on new identities sound possible;
  • Choose the most suitable material to achieve a desired sound;
  • Customize the sound according to requests and needs of customers.