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Solution to contrast fungal infections of mushrooms

Aureobasidium pullulansBiological control.ESTECHPleurotus ostreatusYeast


The invention refers to a new yeast strain that can be used to combat fungal infections in mushrooms with agronomic and commercial interest, in particular edible mushrooms of the species Pleurotus ostreatus better known as “Fungo Ostrica” or “Fungo Orecchione”.

Technical features

In recent years, Pleurotus ostreatus production has significantly been compromised by “green mold”, a serious disease caused by Thricoderma pleuroti and Thricoderma pleuroticola fungi. The  Prochloraz fungicide has been reported as the most effective product able to prevent its development, being the only product allowed for use in compliance with the Emilia Romagna Region regulation. However, the constant use of this product could cause resistance in the pathogen while causing damage to operators, consumers and the environment. The solution patented refers to a yeast able to contrast the principal cause of “green mold”, to be directly deployed in a mushroom growing facility. Experimental results highlighted a remarkable efficacy of the yeast in contrasting the pathogen, performing even better than the agro-chemicals currently available on the market.

Possible Applications

  • Cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus mushrooms.


  • No chemical residues in mushrooms;
  • Lower production cost in comparison with competing chemical products;
  • First product for biological control of “green mold”;
  • Easy-to-use solution.