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Solar concentrators based on silicon nanostructures

LuminescenceNanostructurePhotovoltaicsSiliconSolar concentrator


The search for alternative energy sources is a necessity, since 85% of the total energy consumed on Earth comes from fossil fuels, originating well-known drawbacks in term of human health and pollution. The proposed invention consists of a device for conversion of solar energy into electrical  one made from non-toxic, abundant and highly transparent materials.

Technical features

Sunlight is the most abundant and renewable source of energy on Earth. In order to make it usable, solar energy must be converted into forms directly available. Currently present on the market, systems based on Solar Cells require further advances in technology so that photovoltaics become the largest source of renewable energy and electricity in the world. The proposed device is able to generate current from a transparent or polymeric glass panel containing Red or Near Infrared (NIR) luminescent silicon nanostructures, capable of absorbing sunlight and re-emitting it inside the matrix. The light is directed to the edges of the plate, where solar cells are located, able to convert it into electrical energy.

Possible Applications

  • Photovoltaics;
  • Sustainable architecture.


  • High visibility transparency and excellent colour rendering index;
  • Nanomaterial encapsulation process simplicity;
  • Photoactive material production simplicity;
  • Great availability of silicon.