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Solar concentrators based on silicon nanostructures

Nanostructurenon toxicicityPhotovoltaicpolymeric materialSilicioSiliconsolar energy


The invention refers to a device and method of manufacturing luminescent solar concentrators based on silicon nanostructures. This device  converts solar energy and is capable of generating current from a transparent polymeric panel containing luminescent silicon nanostructures in red or near infrared (NIR).

Technical features

The different types of solar concentrators, available on market and designed to increase renewable energy production, generally have limits in terms of energy conversion and transaprency. The invention  is based on transparent polymeric panels containing luminescent silicon nanostructures; this system is able to convert ultraviolet light, useless and harmful for internal environments, to visible light used by the device to generate electric power. These panels can be used in buildings as windows or walls, thanks to their transparency, thus allowing the production of energy.

Possible Applications

  • Sustainable architecture;
  • Green buildings and constructions;
  • Renewable energy.


  • Low envirnomental impact of the material, which is non – toxici and high available;
  • Hight level of transparency and excellent color rendering index;
  • Incresead level of energy power production in reletion to the area of the solar cell.