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Software-enabled hyperspectral camera

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The software method allows an extremely effective and efficient spectral reconstruction starting from data acquired with cameras with a limited number of channels (e.g. RGB or RGB+IR). The performance in terms of colour accuracy is comparable to the best methods in the state of the art, while from the computational point of view it is thousands of times more efficient.

Technical features

Our method allows the development of hyperspectral cameras from traditional RGB (or RGB+IR) cameras by simply implementing our method in the camera firmware itself (software embedding) or as a post-processing of the image and/or video acquisition. IT can be used not only to develop new applications that meet the requirements of acquisition speed and accuracy at extremely low costs, but also to transform applications already operating with traditional RGB mode into hyperspectral systems, which would then allow much more accurate and faithful analysis of the images while maintaining the same hardware architecture.

Possible Applications

  • Faithful color reproduction (fashion, cultural heritage, design, etc);
  • Healthcare;
  • Quality control;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Agricolture.


  • Our method, being purely software would allow to convert traditional cameras into hyperspectral cameras without modifying their hardware;
  • The software is extremely accurate and efficient.