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Soft wheat variey obtained in FVG region

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Variety of soft wheat obtained from a cross between a cultivated variety (Aubusson) and a Romanian wild population. During the seven years of evaluation, the selection criteria mainly concerned characteristics relating to adaptability to the environment (crop cycle, plant height, resistance to the main plant diseases…), quality (seed and flour quality) and seed yield potential.

Technical features

UD08 is a non-alternative soft wheat variety, awnless, with an autumn sowing time, an intermediate cycle, a medium-high height, resistant to lodging, with a marked resistance to cold and a high production potential especially in the environments in which it has been selected. It is a red grain variety, with a high unit weight, a good hectolitre weight and a satisfactory protein content in all environmental conditions, which give good rheological characteristics to the flours. It has a good tillering index and good resistance to the main pathogens, among which the good tolerance to brown rust stands out. The variety  is productive  and responds well to high agronomic inputs, both in terms of production and quality of the grain, ideal for the areas of north-eastern Italy with good adaptability also for the centre.

Possible Applications

  • Excellent for areas of northern and centre Italy;
  • The high production and the stable and good quality of the grain, make it an excellent breadmaking wheat;
  • The resistance to lodging, the medium-high size and awnless would also allow the use as silage for animal feed.


  • Fast emergence;
  • Good tillering;
  • Excellent and stable yield production;
  • Resistance to lodging;
  • Excellent tolerance to brown rust;
  • Good and stable rheological quality of flours;
  • Resistance to cold.