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Soft pressure sensors in porous polymers

conductive polymersintegrated sensor pressureporous polymeric material


The invention relates to a novel method for the functionalization of porous elastic polymers with conductive polymers, which allow to realize integrated soft pressure sensors. Thanks to the elastic properties of the polymeric matrices used, when the conductive polymer is subjected to pressure it is possible to observe a variation in the conductivity linked to the applied pressure.

Technical features

Currently, the pressure sensors are made on silicon chips or on flexible polymeric substrates (films) and subsequently inserted in the devices or materials used. In this way the devices are not fully integrated and maintain a structure and elasticity different from the material in which they are applied. By making functional an elastic porous polymeric material, which with the patented treatment becomes conductive, without losing its elastic and structural properties, soft devices are obtained, capable of being fully integrated and distributed in every product and device, at an industrial level. The resistance of the porous material is 10/20 Ohm on linear cm, but can be calibrated according to need, even on higher values, reducing consumption.

Possible Applications

  • Sensorized podometric insole for the measurement of the foot pressure;
  • Sensorized mattress for the measurement of the person’s posture during sleep;
  • Soft and touch sensitive artificial leather for robots or drones.


  • Soft pressure sensor totally made of polymeric material;
  • Sensor integrated in industrial materials;
  • The material becomes active and detects the pressure exerted;
  • Simply and cost-effective realization;
  • Easily applicable in various fields and products.