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Snail slime based polymeric films

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The invention is focused on the use of natural and sustainable substances in dermatological formulations. It therefore consists in the formulation development and relative preparation of films to be applied on skin, mucosae or nails. In particular, the invention refers to bioadhesive films based on natural and/or semi-synthetic polymers containing snail slime for applications in cosmetics, pharmaceutics and food packaging.

Technical features

The innovative films are obtained by solvent casting of a solution containing snail slime in appropriate concentrations mixed with polymeric solutions. Renowned for its functional properties, the snail slime reduces rigidity and fragility of the films, while drastically enhancing film ductility, flexibility, stretching and adhesiviness. Consequently, the fruit of the research is extremely versatile and adaptable to the different applications it was designed for.
The final product is an adhesive film for mucosae, skin (patch-non patch) or nails which does not release microplastics in the environment unlike other existing solutions on the market. In addition, films containing snail slime are edible and thus suitable for applications in food packaging.

Possible Applications

  • Cosmetics, e.g.anti-cellulite bandages, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing films, antiaging and anti-stretch mark treatments;
  • Pharmaceutics, e.g. healing plasters/ films; antibacterial, antifungal or anesthetics effect and painkillers;
  • Food, e.g. food packaging.


  • Easy scaling up of the method to the industrial scale;
  • No solvents used other than water;
  • Basic matrix versatility for a specific use;
  • Green solution preventing from microplastics release in environment;
  • Fully biodegradable.